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   3630 Montage 11-27-2010                  from the NU9N                             studio below


eSSB - Love it or hate it, it's here to stay! - If you have never experienced eSSB, you might be suprised with how much enjoyment you could receive with this extended mode we call eSSB.

The K9DXI webcam experiment
More audio clips at  NU9N
or here for the history of eSSB.
50  Hz  ~  3.05   kHz
50  Hz ~   3.55   kHz
eSSB 'ers
eSSB = Extended Sonics for Social Behavior                          per Paul-W8SF
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Amplitude Modulation on 3630Khz~​
The Roundtable with ZERO rules!
What is eSSB and is it Legal?  Here are a few links that talk about those subjects.

Define eSSB -​​​

Is 3Khz plus legal on ssb? - ​​
As You can see these are old issues that have been settled years ago. But worth revisiting to stay informed.
There will always be people that dislike a wider then normal SSB bandwidth, but what is normal? 3k? 2.7?
or even 2.4k? Most all the modern transceivers will transmit to 4k, the SDR's will go much further if the operator
so desires. The main thing to remember is be considerate of your fellow operators in busy band conditions.
If there is room to stretch it out a little like we do on 3630 and  then someone moves into your bandpass that
is their issue not yours. We always address this if confronted with an open mind and a logical explanation. Sometimes that works, and some times nothing works. Always being a gentleman is paramount.        73

             eSSB and AM
​On 3630Khz Since Feb 2007